BAMBIVALENT is an indie game studio located in the heart of Berlin.
We develop commissioned games and in-house game concepts for mobile & desktop.


Status: published

In conjunction with INDI FILM GmbH and the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, we were assigned to develop the strategy game »Rapporteur« as cross-media support for the documentary “Democracy”. You take the role of a rapporteur and must convince strategically important groups of EU parliament to pass your own draft laws.

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Image: ©James Harrup/INDI FILM GmbH

Quantum Brix VR

Status: beta published

»Quantum Brix VR« is our prime approach into Virtual Reality games. It’s a casual, Tetris-inspired game with Google Cardboard support. We included an upgrade system with in-game currency and leaderboard access. You start with a small stack of cubes, difficulty and challenge increase while playing.

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Indigo Viper

Status: Greenlit

Local multiplayer jump&shoot arena game for 1-4 players, set up in a 60s gangster film universe, available for Windows & Mac. »Indigo Viper« has received Greenlight by the Steam community, development is running.

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Status: playable concept

We developed this casual real-time strategy game from scratch within 48-hour game jam Ludum Dare. Your mission is to place your local heroes (e.g. filthy dogs) on the streets to banish hipsters, e-car freaks and career parents who already float through the city, turning buildings to gold. Your rage is the currency in this game, i.e. you can “buy” new units with it.

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Bouncy Bus

Status: published

Take over a convertible bus and bring your passengers to their destinations safely, but don’t lose control over the physics. The casual mobile game »Bouncy Bus« provides contemporary low poly aesthetics and a simple, but challenging gameplay.

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There are 3 factors which formed BAMBIVALENT:

  • 15 years of media business experience (e.g. edutainment software development for schoolbook publishers since 2005), which goes together very well with…
  • decades of great passion for video and computer games
  • support by professionals of Berlin’s creative melting pot.

BAMBIVALENT develops games in any genre and deploys the final work for many contemporary platforms. However, within the last years we drew our interest on some core themes:

1. Gamification, Serious Games & Edutainment

A lot of people usually mix up these terms, while those three indeed share one goal: to convey “serious” and/or complex content and tasks in a playful way. BAMBIVALENT produces interactive experiences or “manuals” like cross-media content for a film, novel, fact book, audiobook or website.

2. Virtual Reality

We are amidst a renaissance of Virtual Reality: while we find ourselves pulled into virtual space on an affordable consumer layer with Google Cardboard, Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR, top-notch products like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift already moved on from pro gamers and entered business tranches like architecture visualization and research. BAMBIVALENT produces your Virtual Reality experience via Unity 3D with class.


In your team or on our own

BAMBIVALENT can become part of your team for the time of development, or work independently – remote from our place or in your office. No matter of which form of cooperation it will be, we work with revision control (git) on almost every project.

Full Stack Development

BAMBIVALENT’s emphasis is on the realisation of your concept and development of your game, app resp. VR experience. Nevertheless, as game development pros, we often need to work interdisciplinary (e.g. in Photoshop or Illustrator), thus provide business experience throughout all media areas. This is why we can provide full stack development from the the first sketches and ideas until the final deployment in app stores. We check every concept on feasibility, compute offers and create road maps for your project’s time management.

Our network

BAMBIVALENT’s main operating range is flexible, project specific game/app development and game design. We can rely on our network of freelancers with business experience which supports us when it comes to full-project realisations: art designers, 3D modellers, game designers, concept artists, sound artists and musicians.

Our code

We code object oriented if possible, use design patterns (e.g. MVC) and document our code.


Phone: +49 30 2603 5306

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