Indigo Viper is a
local multiplayer jump&shoot arena game
with guns, goons and hats.

Hotel Arena Fight

Instant fun

Multi-story arenas and several game modes like Capture the Laptop wait for 2-4 empathic gamers. Single player campaign available for practising.

Action moves

Duck & Cover

Don’t lose your hat! Hide at the wall to prevent damage (and look cool) and cause severe mayhem with different weapons.

Battle animation

Easy to control

Master your skills quickly with our simplistic control: one analog stick or d-pad and 3 buttons. Gamepad and keyboard supported.

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CharacterAbout Indigo Viper
Indigo Viper is a classic 2D jump&shoot game made with a powerful 3D game engine. The main focus of the game is on speedy one-shot-one-kill multiplayer arena matches.
Like the overly colorful and charming heist films of late 1950s and early 1960s, the game is set up in the city of Foster Park, where a bunch of goons in dinner jackets and fedoras hunt each other on their search for the »Indigo Viper«, a gem of extraordinary value and meaning.
The game currently provides several arenas with individual themes (like sewer, hotel, the docks), varying weapon types, different game modes like the classic deathmatch, a Capture the Flag variation and a hot potato mode in which the player has to get rid of a timed bomb. I also included a simple single player campaign for training.
In future, I want to add a lot more arenas, game modes and weapons. The final game will have a complex and story-driven single player campaign. We also look for a musical theme and enhance controls and 3D models.

Following a similar Flash game which I made in 2006, I tried to merge concepts of games which I loved and played to the utmost in mid-90s, like Flashback, Golden Eye, Super Bomberman 2 and many more. I wanted to capture the direct and simple control of a 16-bit platformer and mix it with the funny madness of local multiplayer games. I thought about the project in January 2013, when I got in touch with Unity3D. kohijin and I did a lot of research and planning and we eventually started the project on a hobbyist level.
The team of Indigo Viper consists of me (Max) doing the main work, a backing Unity3D pro (kohijin), an illustrator (Bülow) and a bunch of good friends helping and testing.

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